Personally I never could figure out why they call it good Friday.  Today marks the day Jesus was crucified.  Doesn’t sound very good to me and if I were Jesus I’d be kind of pissed off.  Then again if I were Jesus I’d have some pretty sick abs and cool powers.  Anyhow it’s time for the Friday shuffle.  For those of you unfamiliar with the Friday Shuffle get out from under that rock and pay attention.  I have roughly 5,000 songs on my iPod spanning many different genres.  Of the 5,000 songs I’d say I’m not really proud of about 3,000 of them.  I put all these songs on complete random shuffle and post the first ten songs that come up.  Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad, sometimes it’s ugly and sometimes it’s just down right embarrassing.  So here we go.

10. Limp Bizkit – Eat You Alive – …..and speaking of down right embarrassing.  It was a phase OK? I was 17 I was angry for no reason and this is what a 17 year old guy who’s angry for no reason listens to so back off.  My favorite line in this sweet little number is “I’d love to sniff on those panties now..” isn’t it romantic.  Somewhere Fred Durst is counting all the money he made off pissed off teenagers like myself.  Not a bad life I guess.

9. The Used – Burning Down The House – So I was watching Transformers 2 and heard a cover the Talking Heads that I thought sounded pretty good.  I went home looked it up and downloaded it.  I then listened to it again and realized it was by The Used and subsequently it sounded like shit.  Dammit! Oh now I’m angry again I have to listen to some Limp Bizkit.

8. Jay-Z – Can I Get A… – Wow this song has Ja Rule in it.  I wonder whatever happened to that guy.  Out of all the “thug” wannabe rapers he seemed like the one who’s ass I could kick the most.  Probably why he’s not around any more.

7. The Beatles – All You Need Is Love – I don’t need to say anything here right?

6. Marylin Manson – Antichrist Superstar – Ah the king of shock for the late 90’s.  I really only liked 2 or 3 of his songs. I think he made his living on being shocking but when it came down to it his music really wasn’t that great.  He’s probably sitting with Fred Durst counting his money right now too.

5. Metallica – One – Probably the first music video I ever remember watching.  I had an aunt that was in high school when I was about 6 or 7 years old.  She used to watch MTV a lot and amidst all of these videos, that pretty much looked and sounded the same to me, was this black and white video with guys that looked like they could kick the other bands asses.  They sounded that way too. This video got me thinking about music and then a few years later, when I was a little older, 3 guys from Seattle kicked the door down.  Ah memories.

4. The Broken West  – Got It Bad – A cool mellow song to kind of chill out to.  The opposite of the last song.

3. Joan Jett – I Love Rock and Roll – This is a classic.  Sing a long cuz you know the words.

2. Warren G – Regulate – A classic 90’s hip hop tune.  Put this on any jukebox and watch everyone get down.  I think the other guy on this song just died.  Even though I took the east coast side in the rap wars of the 90’s I still like this one.

1. The Belle Stars – Iko Iko – I’m warning you right now if you click that link this song will be in your head all day.  It is kind of a fun song but seriously it’ll be stuck in you head at least the rest of the day if not the whole weekend.  This is a pretty decent song to get the weekend started though.  Dammit I clicked it.

OK that’s.  I think this covered the whole span of good, bad, ugly, and embarrassing.  I hope the Jesus bunny brings everyone their eggs or whatever people do on Easter.

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