A few weeks ago A man was beaten outside of Dodger stadium because he was wearing a San Francisco Giants jersey.  That man now lies in a medically induced coma fighting for his life.  The victim, Bryan Stow, is a father of two and it’s possible his children will now grow up without a father all because he wore the wrong shirt to a baseball game.  Of course this story is tragic and one can’t help but think how ridiculous it is that fans can’t act in such a manner.  However even more ridiculous is an article I read from a Pennsylvania sports writer by the name of John Steigerwald.  I’m not lying when I say this is the most unprofessional and down right disgusting article I have ever seen.  In this article Steigerwald proceeds to blame the incident on Bryan Stow and basically sides with the savages who beat an innocent fan.  I know that’s hard to believe but here’s the article.  Mr. Steigerwald not only should you should be fired immediately but you should find a new profession and seek serious psychological help.  The fun of having rivalry is the good natured back and forth between fans.  The key words are “good natured”.  I’m a Yankee fan and I’ve been to many Yankee/Red Sox games.  There is no bigger rivalry in all of sports.  I was at a Yankee playoff game in the bleachers and I happened to sit next to two brave Red Sox fans.  I struck up a conversation with the two gentleman and all game we made good natured jokes back and forth.  Another Yankee fan sitting behind us started to taunt them and pick a fight.  I stepped in and aided the Sox fans.  When the cops came I explained to them it was the Yankee fans who were being jerks and the cops escorted the Yankee fans out.  It was the only moment in my life I was embarrassed to be a Yankee fan.  Those Red Sox fans didn’t deserve to be thrown out or treated badly.  They were there trying to have fun and they have every right to.  Bryan Stow was looking to watch a baseball game he wasn’t looking for trouble.  He was beaten to within an inch of his life because he wore the wrong shirt.  The animals that beat this poor man are still on the loose.  Maybe if they are found they should be sentenced to wearing the wrong shirt to a San Francisco Giants game because jail would be too good for them.  As for the writer, Mr. Steigerwald, I hope you pick your outfit out very carefully the next time you go to a ballgame.  I sure wouldn’t want you to experience what Bryan Stow is going through.  I bet then you’d have a different outlook on things.

duhhhhhh I’m a sports writer duhhhhhh

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