Hey everyone it’s me your beloved Coach.  Yea that Coach the one from Coach’s Corner.  Anyway from time to time I will be posting here under our new sports section.  Since this spot of the site isn’t exclusive to me, like on the corner, I’ll identify myself before each article.  A guy by the name of Sully will also be posting here from time to time.  I’m pretty sure he’s a Red Sox fan or as I call them where I come from total d*ck heads.  It would make sense that his name is Sully like most Red Sox fans.   It’ll be interesting to see how Sully is though.  I don’t normally like to generalize so I won’t say that all Boston fans are drunk and stupid.  All I’ll say is that some Boston fans are drunk, some Boston fans are stupid and some Boston fans are drunk AND stupid.  There that’s much better.  Anyway last night I’m sure they were celebrating in the city of Sam Malone because the Celtics, a team with an Irish mascot ironically loaded with talented black men, beat the New York Knickerbockers.  Oh well at least the Red Sox, a team loaded with slow white men, are 3-10.  Although I guess you can say the Knicks are a team with a dutch mascot ironically loaded with black men too the difference being they aren’t all that talented but I digress.  If you didn’t see the game the Knicks would have won if one of the drunk/stupid refs (probably from Boston) didn’t make up a foul to call on Carmelo Anthony with about 20 seconds left.  Seriously it was the worst call I’ve ever seen especially that late in a close game of that magnitude.  That’s OK though.  Boston is used to celebrating games they won by cheating.  Just look at all the Super Bowls the Patriots won by video taping the other team’s practices. They got caught then The Giants played them in the Super Bowl.  Who won that one again?  And we all can remember the curse of the Bambino.  It wasn’t broken by the Red Sox it was broken by Balco.  I guess if you really think about it the city of Boston hasn’t won a legitimate championship since God knows when. From left to right – Sully; Mayor of Boston


  • I’m not stupid. Burp.

    And speaking of irony, isn’t it great how a player who is nicknamed “The Truth” is the biggest actor in the NBA? Was the charge call fair? Of course not. But wasn’t it awesome?

    And BTW, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett, and Paul Pierce are grand Irish names. Garnett kind of looks like my cousin Jimmy, too.

  • Put me in, Coach. The rivalry renews 5/13……let’s put something together then. As for now, tell Chauncey to enjoy his night off.

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