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Torta di Riso

Torta di Riso – Italian Rice Pie

There are a handful of desserts my mom and aunts make just for Easter.  Torta di Riso, or rice pie, is one of them but interestingly enough, it’s not traditional to the region my parents are from, Lazio.  After some researching online, I found that […]

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Musical Notes

Happy Monday it's the Transformers dancing to Thriller. This is going to be better than Sabotage. I hope. When in doubt...Black Taxi Yay Legos. 25 album sleeves recreated in Lego.

Foot armor

Sully’s Keys to the Game

The snow has melted, the NFL is in shambles, and the boys of summer have decided to rescue us from the doldrums of winter by returning from Florida

Music Video Of The Day

Since I loved their performance at Coachella so much here's something from the boys of Cage The Elephant.  This one is called "Back Against The Wall".


Knicks Blow It Against Boston

Hey everyone it's me your beloved Coach.  Yea that Coach the one from Coach's Corner.  Anyway from time to time I will be posting here under our new

Ten Songs – Coachella

Over the weekend the Coachella Festival officially kicked off this years festival season out in California and it didn't disappoint.  You can see the concert streaming live on