Last night I witnessed what could possibly be the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in music.  OK so maybe not as disturbing as this but still pretty bad.  Iggy Pop put the final dagger in the heart of punk rock last night and appeared on American Idol.  Sure punk rock music was on life support before this but last night Iggy Pop finally put it out of it’s misery.  I’m not sure why Iggy would do something like this.  Maybe he was low on cash.  It’s just hard to believe a legendary punk rocker would sell out in such a horrible way.  I mean we’re talking about a guy who used to cut himself with broken glass on stage.  Now he stands next to Ryan Seacrest and dances in front of Jennifer Lopez.  Punk rock had a nice run but it’s officially dead.  The Ramones rolled over in their graves last night.  My only question is which rocker will I lose some respect for I mean will be on American Idol next?  Ozzy has already been on there and of course there’s Steven Tyler.  Although I can’t say I blame Steven for taking the judging gig given the obscene amount of money he must be getting.  But how much money can they really give a person to come on and do a song?  Next time a real rock star feels the need to go on there we should all take up a collection and pay them not to.  I will say this for Iggy.  The silver lining is that everyone who watches Idol was completely disgusted and horrified by him so it’s good to know that he hasn’t lost his touch.  Iggy Pop does set a new standard and begs the question of who’ next?  Will Springsteen sell out and go on Idol?  At this point I wouldn’t say no to anything.

Iggy in the good old days.


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