OK today I’m changing things up and going a little top 40 on you.  Today’s video is from the great Justin Timberlake.  Yea that’s right you heard me right.  For some reason this song was in my head.  The song is “Cry Me A River”.  It was Timberlake’s shot at Britney Spears after she allegedly cheated on him.  I’d say Justin Timberlake landed on his feet after that relationship ended.  Britney not so much.  This is a great f**k you break up song.  I really enjoy the video too. Every time I watch it it makes me want to break into a house where someone who looks like someone I used to date lives while doing sick dance moves, make out with someone else in their bed, video tape it, and then watch them in the shower before I leave.  Anyone else have that same urge?  I wonder how long he had to make out with that really hot chick when they shot this.  Seriously does this guy have the perfect life? Enjoy!

SIDE NOTE: Yes I know I chastised Iggy Pop for selling out this morning and technically I’m doing that here.  But I always liked this song so f**k off.

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