OK everyone it’s time to take a journey deep into my iPod.  5,000 songs covering just about every genre.  I always say that so today I figured I’d actually list all of the genres that are represented on my iPod.  I have at least 1 song in all of these genres: Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Blues, Country, Dance, Techno, Punk, Folk, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Alternative, New Wave, Classical, Gregorian Chant, Oldies, R&B, and Funk.  I think that just about covers everything.  OK so on we go deep into my iPod.  CAUTION: This could get scary.

10. Incubus – Pardon Me – Not a HUGE fan of Incubus or this song.  Why do I keep these things on my iPod if I don’t like them?  Well I guess then the shuffle wouldn’t be as fun.

9. Timbaland – Give It To Me – I really not sure what Timbaland does.  It seems like he puts out his own albums but then he doesn’t sing on songs that are supposed to be his.  Take this one for instance.  He has Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado do all the work.  I guess he just makes a ton of money for nothing.

8. The Raconteurs – Hands – This is definitely my favorite of Jack White’s many side projects.  This is a great album.  Every song on there is pure gold.

7. The Black Eyed Peas – Imma Be – Trying to pick out the worst Black Eyed Peas song is like trying to pick out the skinniest kid at fat camp.  However if I had to pick one to be the worst this might be it.  Maybe. Love that Fergie though.

6. U2 – Get On Your Boots – I’m sorry U2 fans but this song sucks.  It’s off their last album and I can’t believe this was the first single.  If you want a good song off this album go with “Magnificent”.  That will satisfy your U2 craving.  Not this crap.  In fact I’m ordering you not to click on that link.  Don’t do it.

5. Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body – This is a song that everyone can dance to.  Not gonna lie I love Justin Timberlake.  He really is a great pop artist.  It seems as though he’s a pretty good actor too.  It’s nice to know that God decided to give him every talent possible AND good looks.  He needs to bring sexy back again and put out another album though.

4. Jewel – Who Will Save Your Soul – Not gonna lie I have a huge crush on Jewel.  I don’t even mind her snaggle tooth.  This was Jewel’s first hit and it’s still my favorite from her.

3. Iggy Pop – Lust For Life – How old is Iggy now 94?  I gotta hand it to the guy he doesn’t look a day over 85.  Wait he’s only 63? Oh.

2. The Wallflowers – Three Marlenas – Yea everyone knows my feelings about Jakob Dylan but the Wallflowers had a couple of good songs.  This isn’t one of them.  This song sucks.

1. Oxford Collapse – Please Visit Your National Parks – I played these guys a few weeks ago on the Coach Cast.  If you didn’t hear them have a listen.

OK that does it for this week’s shuffle.  A good mix of some dance tunes and rock and roll to get you psyched for the weekend.

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