This past Sunday was Wrestle Mania 27 and as usual shrewd promoter Vince McMahon pulled out all the stops.  As a child I grew up a huge fan of the WWE.  I even saved up my allowance money to buy ring side seats for Wrestle Mania 10.  I remember it well.  I asked my father to take me and he told we couldn’t because it cost too much.  I then informed him that I saved 300 dollars to buy tickets.  My father, being the great man that he is, of course could not deny a 9 year old boy who worked hard and saved his own money so he begrudgingly agreed to take me.  For those of you who don’t know Wrestle Mania is basically pro-wrestling’s Super Bowl.  Each year Vince McMahon pulls out all the stops and usually a celebrity of some type is involved in some way.  This year the honor went to Snooki from the MTV show Jersey Shore.  For some reason I found this marriage pretty natural.  Snooki and the WWE?  Yep sounds about right.  Usually when A celebrity gets involved in pro wrestling it’s cringe worthy.  See the Jay Leno and David Arquette stints in WCW for an example.  However I do have to hand to the diminutive Jersey Shore party girl.  As a former avid follower of all things WWE I do have to say her moves were impressive.  Two things that jump out at me are her amazing lack of height and her agility.  To enter the ring she climbs under the middle rope.  I’d guess she’s about 4’10.  She then proceeds to show off her athletic prowess by doing a pretty darn good gymnastic move.  I say hats off to Snooki on a job well done.  See the clip below and judge for yourself.

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