OK it’s Friday and you know what that means.  It’s time for the Friday shuffle.  5,000 songs spanning many different genres on complete random shuffle.  Anything can happen so here we go.

10. Oasis – Let There Be Love – The least favorite Oasis song I have on my iPod but it’s still pretty damn good.

9. Ozzy Osbourne – Crazy Train – You can hear this at every arena and stadium around the country during any sporting event.  Truly a classic. Gotta love Ozzy.

8. Stone Temple Pilots – Interstate Love Song (acoustic) – I have a really good acoustic version of this song and it’s just as good as the studio version.

7. New Radicals – You Get What You Give – I remember when this song came out and these guys were supposed to be the next great band.  Personally I didn’t see it.  This song is OK but it’s a one hit wonder for a reason.  I wonder where they are now.  Probably counting the pile of cash they made off this song while I’m doing this.  Oh well.

6. Marc Broussard – Home – This song makes me feel like a back country good ol’ boy.  So what if I’ve never left the north east corridor in my entire life?  I don’t know where “home” is for Marc but I have a feeling it’s cool there.

5. The Kinks – Where Have All The Good Times Gone – Think are still reeling from their loss in our Rock and Roll Tournament.  Don’t fret guys we still love you.  I often ask myself where all the good times have gone but then I realized that I’ve never really had any “good times”.  I’ve had some decent times but never any “good” ones.  Oh well here’s to the future.

4. Jon McLaughlin – Beautiful Disaster – This guys probably has no problem with the ladies.  He came into the radio station to perform one time and all the ladies were swooning.  This is a nice song but waring to the guys out there.  Lock your daughters and wives.

3. AC/DC – For Those About To Rock – OK enough with the sissy crap.  Who better than AC/DC to get us back rocking?  The most fun I’ve ever had at a concert was a few years ago at an AC/DC show.  These guys rock.

2. Disturbed – The Game – Ah a memory from my metal head days.  Saw these guys in concert and David Dreiman’s voice is phenomenal. He really is a talented singer.  These guys get me nice and pumped too. If you’re not into the heavier stuff you need not apply.

1. Korn – Shoots and Ladders – Oh wow more memories from high school.  These guys got me through those awkward high school years.  These guys and Tool.  I’ve seen Korn in concert about five times and during their prime they were one of the best live acts I’d ever seen.  This song is so unbelievably clever.  I know for sure everyone knows the lyrics to this one even if you’ve never heard it before.  To put this kind of dark spin on these children’s songs is simply genius. This song is from when the band was so raw and so great.

OK that’s it for this week. A pretty good mix. A couple of 90’s classics some metal and some classic rock.  Even a love ballad for the ladies.

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