Music Video of The Day

April 29, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

I figured I’d play this video given the special day for the Royal family.  Today it’s The Silversun Pickups with “The Royal We(dding)”.  OK I made the parenthesis up it’s really called “The Royal We”.  Enjoy!

Friday Shuffle

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There’s a kind of regal mood in the air today but the question on everyone’s mind isn’t “how long will it last? or what’s her dress look like?”.  It’s “I wonder what songs come up on today’s Friday shuffle?”. …

Week 261: The Best of April

April 28, 2011By ChrisMusic Podcast 3 Comments
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This is the best of April or the 13 songs …

Jersey War

April 26, 2011By sullySports 11 Comments

Chris Bro and I talked a bit while watching future Hall of Famer Jimmer Fredette, and we wondered what would happen if you opened a conversation on the greatest player to ever wear a particular number, and then threw in …