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RnR Madness Sweet Sixteen

OK we’re down to the sweet 16. Today and Tomorrow will be the sweet 16 round. Wednesday will be the elite 8. Thursday will be the Final 4 and on Friday we will have our championship battle. Below are today’s […]

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Music Video Of The Day

Today it's a good Friday video.  Here's one to get your weekend started.  Today it's Beck with "Where it's at".  I got two turn tables and a microphone.

RnR Madness Round 2 – Chuck Berry Bracket

OK this is the last batch for round 2. Starting Monday we'll move to the sweet 16. Here are the 4 brackets. The Elvis Presley bracket The James Brown bracket The

Friday Shuffle

5,000 songs and one iPod on complete random shuffle. Let's do it. 10. Bruce Hornsby - The Way It Is - Love this song.  Tupac sampled this song but

Banana Nut Bread

Banana Bread

Even as I'm typing this, I'm thinking, "this may seem pretty boring".   Banana bread?  Yawwnnnn.  It's not as exciting as, say, the RnR March Madness going on the next

RnR Madness Round 2 – Buddy Holly Bracket

OK remember the winners this week move on to the Sweet 16.  Today's match ups are below. Here are the 4 brackets. The Elvis Presley bracket The James Brown bracket The Buddy


If you don't know sexy sax man you'll like him trust me.  How could you not like a sexy sax? SIDE NOTE: I think everyone should be escorted

Week 256

I am not around. Out west skiing. Woo and Hoo Thanks for listening. I'll put the song with the most votes in the Best of April

Coach Cast 8

OK won't be able to chat live tonight but please leave some comments and I'll get back to you.  The list of songs is posted in order.  Press

Music Video Of The Day

OK tonight is the Coach Cast which of course comes on right before Chris Bro's show at 10pm right here on the corner.  For the music video of