Wednesday 10 Feb 2016

RnR Madness Sweet 16

OK it’s still the sweet 16. ┬áRemember tomorrow is the elite 8 so vote wisely.

Here are the 4 brackets.
The Elvis Presley bracket
The James Brown bracket
The Buddy Holly bracket
The Chuck Berry bracket

Buddy Holly Bracket

Chuck Berry Bracket


  1. LisaP says:

    I really….really!…hated that I had to chose between Nirvana and The Beatles. You’re killing me! :)

  2. Dave says:

    Had to go for The Who over S&G, as they (somehow – I smell a fix) knocked my beloved Kinks out in the last round! Others – very straightforward!!

  3. Chris says:

    I’m with Dave on that one. I had the Kinks as a dark horse and the only non #1 seed (maybe U2) that had a chance. Next year?


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