Music Video Of The Day

March 29, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music 2 Comments

With all of the chaos going on in the world I figured I give you something nice and relaxing today.  Today I slow it down with Amos Lee and his song “Arms of A Woman”.  Despite what he …

Coach Weighs In – Libya

March 29, 2011By CoachMy Life In Music No Comments

Well I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately so I guess it’s about time I weigh in.  I would have said something earlier but I’ve been trying to figure out how to spell Gaddafi.  On that note …

Spiked Irish Cupcakes

March 29, 2011By LisaFood 2 Comments
Spiked Irish Cupcake

A friend/husband’s co-worker posted this recipe to my Facebook page recently.  I took it as a subtle hint that, if I should happen to try out the recipe, he wouldn’t mind sampling one or two.  …