RnR Madness: Round 1 Chuck Berry Bracket

March 18, 2011By ChrisMusic 17 Comments

Coach and I were inspired by selection Sunday. So we got together, drank a few beers and put together a Rock n Roll bracket. Is it perfect? No. (Did you see the part about the beers?) Did we do this for fun? Yes. So let’s enjoy the ride together and find out once and for … Read More

Friday Shuffle

March 18, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

OK you know the drill. 5,000 songs from all different genres on complete random shuffle.  Here we go. 10. U2 – The Fly – OK I’ll be honest.  For some reason I feel obliged to have every U2 song ever recorded on my iPod.  Don’t get me wrong I think U2 is good but I wouldn’t … Read More