A couple of week’s ago Hoboken had their local St Patrick’s Day parade.  Below is the real police blotter from that day. Because nothing says St. Patrick like “drunk tries breaking into ambulance”.  Overall there were 30 arrests. 16 assaults, 6 aggravated assaults, 4 thefts, 2 sexual assaults, and 1 robbery.  Sounds fun.

12:59am: 124 Garden St. – “noise complaint…”
12:47am: 3rd & Wash – “party passed out drunk near McDonalds…”
(Hoboken411 took a brief break – cool with that?)
11:08pm: Two idiots arrested at 3rd and Willow – will they learn? Nah.
11:03pm: 1st and River – Car strikes “Hoboken Rapid Deployment Vehicle” near Lana Lounge
11:00pm: “Intoxicated Person” at 11th and Washington
10:40pm: Fight 513 1st Street – knife involved – multiple cops responding
10:28pm: Still alarm of fire “Odor of smoke” 320 Jackson St.
10:20pm: 102 Bloomfield – “Very intoxicated Female”
10:07pm: 3rd & Bloomfield – passed out drunk
10:03pm: Spa Diner – reports of a fight
9:22pm: Another drunk with head injury – 95 Hudson St.
9:18pm: Drunk with head injury – 93 Garden Street
9:13pm: Assault – 6th & Clinton – Actor running southbound from 5th & Clinton
9:02pm: 1st & Grand – Female laceration to the face “bleeding heavily” EMS en route
9:00pm: Female passed out in cab at 505 Madison St.
8:45pm: Double Drunk Feature: Man down 5th & River – Woman down 2nd & Park
8:39pm: The 10th & Park fight – they’re looking for a man with gun…
8:38pm: Fight – 10th and Park
8:31pm: Drunk passed out on ground…
8:20pm: Spa Diner “unruly drunk”
8:15pm: Man tried stealing liquor at Farside Bar
8:00pm: female rape victim at HUMC Hospital.
7:56pm: 415 Washington – street fight
7:53pm: 702 Washington – folks tossing crap out windows
7:39pm: Female passes out in Port-o-John – Hudson St. & Hudson Pl.
7:35pm: Drunk Arrested at 3rd & Adams
7:29pm: Fire investigation at 1023 Washington St. Reports of smoke on roof
7:28pm: Three Arrested at 3rd & Jefferson 2 males – 1 female
7:18pm: fight at 5th and Wash – EMS requested
7:00pm: fight at 9th and Wash
6:58pm: mayhem – fight in front of teak – and assault at 2nd and river
6:55pm: 1315 Washington fight at Sushi House
6:50pm: 11th and Grand “man down”
6:45pm: man assaulted 10th & Willow
6:37pm: 118 Washington – “fight going good…”
6:36pm: 4th & Garden – drunk tries breaking into Ambulance “he’s in bad shape”
6:28pm: 6th & Garden – unconscious drunk…
6:16pm: 704 Grand St. “intoxicated male” EMS en route
6:12pm: 55 Newark St. “Debris flying out the window”
5:55pm: 413 Washington – ticket for open container
5:49pm: 1st & Bloomfield – overly intoxicated male – EMS dispatched
5:27pm: 422 Washington Street – 4 disorderly summonses issued
5:18pm: 8th and Clinton – “Female with severe burn to the arm”
5:14pm: “Man waving gun” at 14th Street Ferry Terminal (idiot with cap gun)
5:06pm: 11th and Clinton – two arrests
4:55pm: Officer requesting backup near 1st & River post office – fight (and arrest)
4:46pm: Robbery at TEAK bar
4:45pm: Two fire alarms – 333 River and 505 Madison St.
4:44pm: 6th & Willow – Street fight
4:41pm: 1024 Clinton – one injured male – and another “tearing up the lobby…”
4:40pm: (UNCONFIRMED) but “DOA” reported at HUMC Hospital – supposedly a young girl
4:35pm: Observer & Park – Street fight (probably over something stupid)
4:33pm: NJ Transit Bus terminal downtown – incapacitated male
4:22pm: two fire calls – 91 Grand and 405 Washington
4:16pm: 460 5th Street – injured party – assault in apt 6E
4:15pm: Sinatra Park – “Man Down”
4:14pm: Hudson St. & Hudson Place – drunk male belligerent with Police
4:13pm: 800 Madison – drunk female passed out – EMS requested
4:06pm: 66 Madison – pedestrian hit by car – EMS on scene
3:57pm: 63 5th Street – ticket for open container
3:56pm: 106 6th Street – ticket for open container
3:54pm: 300 Grand – ticket for open container
3:45pm: 204 Washington St. – unconscious drunk needs ambulance for survival
3:42pm: 3rd & Grand – ticket for open container
3:41pm: 1st & Washington – intoxicated person – EMS en route
3:38pm: 153 8th Street – fight
3:36pm: 254 6th Street – fight
3:35pm: 1st & Bloomfield – Open Container behind city hall
3:28pm: 1001 Clinton – fire alarms activated
3:24pm: two car accidents – 2nd & Marshall and 1st & Grand
3:17pm: 5th and Grand – male assaulted two females then threw brick through window
3:06pm: 3rd & Jackson – intoxicated male
2:44pm: 10th and Bloom – open container summons
2:16pm: 12th & Wash – injured party – EMS dispatched
2:13pm: 606 Grand Street – ticket for open container
2:13pm: 212 Adams – four tickets issued
2:12pm: 102 1th Street – two tickets for disorderly
2:10pm: 203 Court Street – ticket for public urination
2:10pm: 219 Grand – person passed out in hallway
1:59pm: 4 tickets issued unruly house 1014 Wash
1:58pm: 2nd & Wash – ticket for open container
1:49pm: Smoke reported at 805/807 Wash – turned out to be unruly house
1:48pm: ticket for open container at 2nd and Jackson
1:31pm: idiots throwing bottles from 333 River towards the W Hotel entrance – tickets issued
1:22pm: 704 Washington – bottle thrown out of window
1:17pm: 106 Washington – one ticket issued – open container
12:57pm: Two tickets issued – 800 Jefferson
12:41pm: “Large group walking westbound on 6th St. damaging parked cars…”
12:35pm: Girl exposes breasts – 8th & Clinton
12:30pm: 801 Madison – idiot pulls fire alarm
12:26pm: 250 3rd Street – ticket for open container
12:10pm: 1036 Garden – $2000 ticket for open container
11:44am: Illegally parked cars 12th & Clinton – “making it difficult for buses to turn”
11:38am: Hoboken Batman helping HPD with Traffic
11:25am: Councilman Peter Cunningham – Car illegally parked – blocking intersection

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