Coach and I were inspired by selection Sunday. So we got together, drank a few beers and put together a Rock n Roll bracket. Is it perfect? No. (Did you see the part about the beers?) Did we do this for fun? Yes. So let’s enjoy the ride together and find out once and for all who is the greatest rock band.
Do us a favor; take the 15 seconds it takes to vote and vote then tell your friends. What you do you get for spreading the love? Oh there won’t be any money involved; but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total conscienceness. So YOU got that going for YOU, which is nice. But only if you tell your friends.
Keep the comments coming.


What a lot of fun watching these match-ups. There were blow outs like Queen v Foo Fighters, Pink Floyd v Fleetwood Mac and sorry Josh, Eagles v Rage Against the Machine. Others like Johnny Cash v David Bowie literally when down to the last moment. White Stripes and Coldplay couldn’t have gotten any closer. Thanks for voting. This sets up a great second round. Rolling Stones v White Strips, Queen v Eagles, Pink Floyd v Johnny Cash and AC/DC v The Doors. Let the fun continue.

Here are the 4 brackets.
The Elvis Presley bracket
The James Brown bracket
The Buddy Holly bracket
The Chuck Berry bracket

First round continued: Today the Buddy Holly bracket. Good luck to your favorite band. Friday will be round 1 of Chuck Berry bracket. Second round will start on Tuesday.


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