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Gee I wonder why soccer hasn’t caught on here in the states. Oh yea maybe this is why.  If not I’m sure it didn’t help. OJ Simpson makes a cameo in this one.  Watch out guys.

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Music Video Of The Day

Today it's my favorite song from Dire Straits.  I love these guys and think they can quite possibly be one of the most under rated bands of all

Rock and Roll Tourny Round 1

Today is the first round of our rock and roll tournament.  I think the toughest match up is REM v. Neil Young.  Vote

RnR Madness: Round 1 Elvis Presley Bracket

Coach and I were inspired by selection Sunday. So we got together, drank a few beers and put together a Rock n Roll bracket. Is it

Worst Song Ever?

Apparently there is a viral video going around of a girl who made her own music video.  The video itself is of pretty good quality so she probably