I really enjoy our live chats on Facebook during the show when it’s broadcast Wednesday nights at 11. I look forward to them each week. Thanks. I know it’s late but please join us one of these nights. Remember it rebroadcasts on Sunday nights at 8.


If you love someone hug them right now.


  • Chris, Thanks for posting My Listeners Choice; that was cool of you; I hope you guys enjoy it! – KEVIN (REAL Solid week as usual, Chris – thanks again!)

  • Your Welcome Kevin. Thanks for listening and picking a great song.

    Thanks for staying up Lisa. I love the comments I get in real time. Thanks for voting.

  • I guess there is no hope for an earlier time slot for the show? I’m up to the Temptation cover, and its been a great start.

  • So I accuse you of crafting an “adult” playlist last week, and the next week you hit us with Arctic Monkeys, Airborne Toxic Event, Broken Records (new to me) and British Sea Power……..in the first four songs?!? Dang Bro……you know how to push back.

    Loved the adolescent “Bwaaaaaaah!” I was able to find in so many of these songs. I was listening to it so loudly, I half expected to hear my mother shouting for me to turn it down.

    A great (and touching) week of songs. Loved everything about this show.

  • yes Sully I refuse to grow up…I always appreciate your thoughtful comments. Spot on per usual.

    hey John I had not seen that article. Thanks for the link. See them live. Also John I’ve allowed (when I remember to click the correct button) multiple votes. Ask Lou. I think he once voted for 13 songs.

    Lou…I asked again…no answer again. I’ll ask…again. I think there’s a pattern forming.

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