I’m not a new parent but I’ve just learned what could be consider one of the most basic, common-sensical  parenting techniques when it comes to food – have your child cook with you.  They’ll be more apt to eat it!    Whoa, that blows my mind.  Why have I not thought of that before??

So as my 3 year old and I head off to make, together, scrambled eggs for lunch, I’m curious – what dishes do you cook with your children?   I’d love to hear.  I think I may try getting my eldest (10 years old) more involved too and post some recipes that she and I cook together.  What do you think?

Maybe I was worried cooking with kids would end up looking like this?


  • Absolutely get them involved! My two boys, now 14 and 11, are real foodies and have been helping in the kitchen since they were 5 or 6. They’ve learned knife skills as well as many of the basics of cooking. Now, they are responsible for Sunday dinner.

    They plan the menu, make the shopping list, buy the ingredients (with me, of course), then cook the meal. I’m in the kitchen with them to help and coach them. It’s amazing how much you take for granted when you cook with people who are just learning.

    They go through Bon Appetite, Saveur, cookbooks, Cook’s Illustrated, whatever, to find recipes. A few dishes they’ve made: pizzas (pear & prosciutto), fettuccine carbonara, chicken Parmesan, tomato soup, and grilled cheese w/ pesto & mozzarella.

    I have a ball cooking with them. It’s really great to watch them get how flavors and textures go together.

  • My nieces and nephews love to cook with me. there’s a lot of them so everyone gets different job. they all fight over shredding the cheese (mostly so they can make jokes about cutting the cheese). their favorite things to make are mac and cheese with veggies (they get to pic which veggie but its usually broccoli), shepards pie (they love using the potato masher) and baked ziti because they all take turns picking what shape pasta we’re going to use.

  • Love hearing this! I’m inspired to cook with my children more often. I make it a priority for all of us to eat together, we should all cook together too. Thanks, John and Brighid, for your comments

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