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Music Video of The Day

Today is Wednesday so I’m offering a sneak peek into what I’m playing on my Pre-game show tonight.  Remember to tune in tonight at 10pm right here on the corner.  I’ve got a cool cover from Cee Lo this song […]

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Favorite John Cusack film: The Final Four

Round up of round 3. 3 blow outs and one, one vote winner(can you guess which matchup that was?). Thanks to all the voters. We now have


Tis The Season

Ladies and gentleman the ides of March are nearly upon us.  No this doesn't mean we're going to literally get stabbed in the back numerous times by our

Maybe I was afraid this would be the result of cooking with kids?

Kids and Cooking

I'm not a new parent but I've just learned what could be consider one of the most basic, common-sensical  parenting techniques when it comes to food - have your child