Musical Notes

March 8, 2011By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

Collapse Into Now marks REMs 15th album! Perpetua ranks them best to worst. Your thoughts. Feel free to let me know your top 10. Inspired? This week in rock history: Sex Pistols signed, U2 releases Joshua Tree, Clapton gets 3rd Hall of Fame induction I don’t care how you feel about Ms Lauper this is … Read More

Favorite John Cusack Movie Round 3

March 8, 2011By ChrisMovies 2 Comments

The first 2 rounds were quite easy choices now your vote gets a wee bit tougher. Good luck and choose wisely. ROUND 3 See the full bracket online High Fidelity v Better Off Deadcustomer surveys The Sure Thing v Being John Malkovichonline survey Say Anything v Eight Men Outonline survey Say Anything v Eight Men … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

March 8, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

I never really got why Kate Moss was a model.  She never appealed to me at all.  Until this video.  Today it’s Kate Moss on a pole for the White Stripes video “I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself”.  Gotta hand it to Kate moss she’s hot in this one.  I always figured … Read More