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QuadChocolate 001

Quadruple Chocolate Loaf Cake

My sister-in-law and I spent a Saturday evening recently – after all the kids were in bed (between the 2 of us, there are 6 kids under the age of 10!) – just watching hours of The Cooking Channel and Food […]

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Question Of The Day

I realize that the title implies that there is a question everyday.  There isn't but I have one today so just go with it.  Today's question is as

Music Video Of The Day

Today It's a HILARIOUS music video from the boys in Coldplay.  This is a really good song too.  It's a puppet show of epic proportions in Coldplay's video


Came across this video the other day.  I like

Favorite John Cusack Movie Round 2

Round 1 Serendipity beat Runaway Jury, One Crazy Summer crushed Anastasia, Hot Pursuit handled Max, Con Air squeaked out a V against Bullets Over Broadway. See the full bracket


Guest DJ: Patrick

Man we haven't done a Guest DJ for a bit and this is a great way get back in to it. Do you remember what you listened