As you may or may not know I absolutely love this band.  The Airborne Toxic Event comes out with a new album in April and it’s my most anticipated album of 2011.  This is a cool live version of one of the songs off the album.  If this is what we can expect it will be an amazing album.  The song is called “All For A Woman”.  Break out the tissues ladies, and Chris Bro.  This might be a tear jerker.

UPDATE: I was originally only going to post the above video.  But then I watched this one and it’s equally awesome.  It’s shot the same way and is also an acoustic version of a song off of their forthcoming album.  My love for this band grows with every song I hear.  This one is called “All At Once”. Thank me later watch this now.


  • “This is Good” is a colossal understatement, Coach. These guys are absolutely, utterly, and without question fantastic. They keep getting better. Thanks for posting these. I’m looking forward to April as well.

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