Well it appears the middle east is in turmoil.  My first thought is when has the middle east not been in turmoil?  Isn’t it always kind of a hot stove of craziness?  I’m a little conflicted about what’s going on though.  On one hand it’s great that people like HoseMe Mubarak (just bare with me on the spelling of these names I’m way too lazy to look it up), and Moummar Khadafi are finally getting there’s.  On the other hand, let’s be honest, the people that are going to take over are going to hate us even more.  My question is where do they get those American flags to burn?  Every time these people take to the street they all seem to be burning American flags.  Are there stores in the Mid-East that sell only American flags, and lighters?  I might do that to retire.  Anyway sorry if I don’t trust the judgement of people that beat the hell out of an American female news reporter for no reason.  Yea I’m sure the guy they put in power is going to be very forward thinking and rational.  Maybe under the new leadership women will finally be able to show their ankles in public.  Personally I think we should just never acknowledge that part of the world until things get straightened out.  “Mr President what are your feelings on Bahrain?”  “Bahrain?  Never heard of it next question”.  For now though I guess I do support the people so take to the streets everyone one and protest.  Wait wait no I didn’t mean Americans people in Wisconsin.  Seriously is there anywhere where there is not protesting these days?

Death to America!

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