OK it’s Friday and it’s a beautiful 60 degree day in New York’s Backyard.  Time for a Friday shuffle.  5,000 songs spanning all genres on complete shuffle.  Here we go.

10. Rammstein – Los – Some German metal to start the day.  Once went to Ozzfest and saw the lead singer start the show by singing a whole song while he was on fire.  Kind of hard to top that.

9. Tristan Prettyman – Madly – From one end of the spectrum to another.  She’s a cutie and I’ve heard some rumors about her but don’t wanna get sued so I’ll keep them t myself.

8. The Offspring – Gone Away – I like this Offspring song and I was an Offspring fan for a while until they morphed into Blink 182 and became a novelty band.

7. Type O Negative – Summer Breeze – RIP Peter Steele one of the deepest most haunting voices in metal.  This is really a cool cover even if you’re not a metal fan so do listen.  It takes such a bright light song and turns into a haunting eerie one.

6. The Monkees – I’m A Believer – Yeah I know they were a novelty act but they had a couple of decent songs.

5. Melissa Etheridge – Like The Way I Do – Every time she sings a song I can only think one thought.  “She’s totally singing about another chick”.  Yes it’s immature but I’m just being honest.

4. The Rolling Stones – Sympathy For The Devil – Boy I really do feel sorry for Satan.  it must be tough being the Lord of evil. One of the greatest songs of all time.  Pleased to meet you.

3. Guns and Roses – It’s So Easy – One of the greatest albums of all time and certainly one of the greatest debut albums.  Every song is a home run.

2. Korn – Blind – I was a metal head in high school and for a 17 year old kid that grew up in the burbs and was angry for no reason Korn was the perfect band to get me through those high school years.  The beginning to this song will make you punch someone in the face so be careful.

1. Gomez – How We Operate – Met these guys ad they are really cool.

Well we had some metal mixed in there today.  Noting wrong with a little metal every now and then.  Until next week.


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