First off just because the Grammy’s gave Arcade Fire the top prize doesn’t mean all is forgiven. The Grammy’s haven’t had (and may never have) credibility for a very long time. Remember Jethro Tull beating out Metallica? Anyway. Congrats to Arcade Fire. They deserve it. Brilliant Album. (dig into their back catalogue if you don’t know them) Now maybe people will stop asking “Who is Arcade Fire?” Or maybe not. That is a great collection of ignorance. Nice job internet.

Dan Harris (of ABC) contributed a song to the @nerve valentine’s day list of the year’s best love songs

Allison has some amazing musical taste. Check out her latest: The Best Love Songs You’ve Never Heard

REM’s “It Happened Today” remixed to isolate and feature Eddie Vedder’s vocal.
It Happened Eddie by matthew_marrone

OK who else is ready to watch this movie?

I hope you have voted but if not I would love to know your favorite “freshmen” Album of all time. Thanks.

Love comes in many forms. A Stone Brewery press release from Feb 14, 2003

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