OK everyone it’s time for my unvarnished opinion on the Superbowl.  Let’s go through it all the good the bad and the ugly.  Where do I even begin?  Let’s do the good.

The Good: To be honest there wasn’t that much good about last night’s game/broadcast.  I guess in the good category I’ll put the game itself even though it was a so-so game.  Green Bay jumped out to a big lead and even though Pittsburgh made it a game in the second half it wasn’t all that exciting.

Chrysler commercial with Eminem.  Call me crazy but I think the best commercial of the night was the long 2 minute spot Chrysler did with Eminem.  I think most ads are in this weird place where they are just trying too hard to be funny and don’t realize that a commercial doesn’t necessarily need to be funny to be good and memorable.  The perfect example of this was a few years ago when Budweiser ran an ad with troops coming home in an airport.  Years later I still remember that commercial.

The Bad: OK plenty to list here.  I’m going to start with Fox.  First off do we need a pre-game show that starts at 1pm?  The answer is no.  The five hour pre-game show was just one giant commercial for Chevy, Ritz, Beer, and whatever movies are coming out in six months.  They had that Guy Fieri on doing a cooking segment which was OK but everything else needs to go.  At one point they had a referee on talking about what the refs go through to get ready for a game.  Yea I really care.  Most of all is the stupid red carpet.  Memo to Fox this is not the F**KING OSCARS!!!!!! Sorry for yelling but I get upset.  There shouldn’t be a red carpet at the Super Bowl.  Surprisingly enough there were some decent celebs there but I don’t care about Jennifer Anniston throwing a football.  Unless of course she’s topless.  She wasn’t. I’m pretty sure everyone knew who was playing the halftime show before the game started.  I’m actually pretty sure we all found out 2 months ago. This means that there is no need to plug the halftime show every 5 minutes during the first half.  At know point did I say to myself “gee who’s playing the halftime show again? Oh right The Black Eyed Peas thanks guys I forgot”.  This brings me to the half time show.

The Black Eyed Peas are certainly under the bad category as well.  It wasn’t all their fault though.  I don’t know who’s in charge but why can’t they get the microphones to work all at the same time?  Fergie’s mic was off then they turned it on when Slash came out then they turned it off again.  Also Slash’s guitar could barely be heard and the big “V” in the word love wasn’t lit.  Why the word love was there in the first place is a mystery but OK it should still be lit.  The only guy I could hear was Usher because he was lip synching.  I do have to hand it to the guy though he sure can dance.

The Ugly: In this category I think I’d start with Christina Aguilera.  It seems like she added a couple of pounds and is slowly morphing into Cyndi Lauper.  Not pretty.  She botched the national anthem during the Super Bowl which is something that will be replayed forever.  Although to be honest I didn’t really catch it during the broadcast and part of me does respect her for at least doing it live.

Two commercials go here for me.  The first is the baby commercial.  The commercials are getting old and so is the baby.  I’m done with them.  The other is the Beiber commercial with Ozzy.  Poor poor Ozzy.  Someone please tell Sharon to stop this.  Ozzy being in a commercial with the weird looking little boy is like he’s giving a sort of stamp of approval.  Please stop.

The Crazy: Did anyone else see Cameron Diaz feeding A-Rod popcorn?  Wow does that guy have it all.  Seriously God you can stop giving everything to A-Rod.  Spread it around a little please.



  • Coach, excellent report as usual… This year the commercials were the highlight of the entire afternoon – especially the KIA commercial with Darth Vader Jr.

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