Can’t help but notice the complete insanity that is Charlie Sheen.  Needless to say I have a few thoughts.  First off it must be great to have a top rated TV show.  Any other person on the planet would be in jail.  I don’t blame CBS for standing by and doing nothing though.  No they shouldn’t fire him.  Technically he shows up on time and performs well so really there’s no reason to.  As long as the ratings on that show stay high so will Charlie Sheen.  The real question is how much longer can this guy live?  He is so completely insane that he makes Axl Rose look stable.  He makes Keith Richards look like Mr. Rogers at this point.  If being an abusive cocaine addicted douche bag were an Olympic sport he’d be Michael Phelps.  From now on if someone is partying hard it will be called pulling a Charlie Sheen.  “hey did you see Coach last night?” “yea he went all Charlie Sheen at that party”.  Maybe I’m just jealous though.  Maybe I’m jealous of the fact that he can not only still get women but highly attractive women.  Sure he pays for them sometimes but he doesn’t have to just ask Denise Richards.  Here I am single as they come while Charlie gets the ladies.  Although in defense of women I can see why you’re not impressed by a chubby dude with a non-existent radio career who lives with his parents.  Maybe I should try smacking a girl around and threatening her with a knife on Christmas morning.  I think that’s the secret.  I know that’s how my Dad met my Mom (Just kidding of course Mom and Dad).  I can’t help but think what would happen if Charlie Sheen were just a random black dude from Harlem.  No doubt he’d be arrested and cracked a few times with a club before rotting away in a jail cell.  Isn’t it interesting that all of these accounts of Charlie doing all of these drugs and being abusive to people hasn’t landed him in jail?  Where was Charlie before this sitcom?  I think he was working on the movie  “Hot Shots 3”.  His career was in the trash and he was going nowhere.  He should be a born again Christian thanking God every day for the show he’s on.  Maybe this is all good for that show though.  That little kid looks kind of weird as a teenager and I thought the show was loosing steam.  I know I’ll be watching just to see Charlie Sheen.  Let’s make this a game.  Who dies first Charlie Sheen or Amy Winehouse?

Remember this classic?  That’s OK nobody does it was only in theaters for a few hours.

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