Musical Notes

February 28, 2011By ChrisMusic No Comments

If this doesn’t make you smile you might be dead For Coach: a Mexican Axl Short behind the scenes “making of” of the latest Strokes LP NON MUSIC The top 10 beers of 2010-2011 or a list I’ll be bringing with me everywhere I go. How many have you tried? Is your kid a bully? … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

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OK for some reason when I was trying to think of what video to post today this song popped in my head.  No idea how or why.  Really there’s no rhyme or reason.  Today it’s OMD “If You Leave”.  Enjoy or maybe not.

Coach Weighs In – The Oscars

February 28, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 3 Comments

First off let me just be honest and say I didn’t see all of the Oscars.  I was trying to watch the Knick game.  Sorry but I am a dude so I flipped back and forth.  Also I find the Oscars to be boring in general.  I was over a friend’s house while his wife … Read More

Friday Shuffle

February 25, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 2 Comments

You know the drill.  5,000 songs one ipod on complete random shuffle.  Chaos ensues. 10. The Kooks – She Moves In Her Own Way – They remind me of Herman’s Hermits with those thick accents. 9. Pink Floyd – Mother – Mother do you think they’l like this song?  Uh yea we do. 8. Live … Read More

Week 252 Best of Feb

February 24, 2011By ChrisMusic Podcast 9 Comments

Come the end of the year I’m in trouble. I’m already having one hell of a time getting the monthly best of shows down to one hour. Hopefully you are enjoying these “best of” shows too. Great LC’s too. Listener’s Choices. If you have one send it my way. If you haven’t listened to Coach’s … Read More

Internet Show

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Tune in tonight and comment live during my internet show.  Tonight at 10pm just before NEXT right here on Coach’s Corner.  It’s going to be a good one.

Music Video of The Day

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Today it’s a sneak peek at tonights internet show.  Every Wednesday just before NEXT I do an internet pre show from 10-11 so tune in.  Today’s video is a song I’ll be playing tonight.  It’s Cold War Kids with “Louder Than Ever”.  Tune in tonight and enjoy!


February 23, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 4 Comments

WARNING: What you are about to witness is probably the most disturbing piece of tape you will ever see.  Please make sure you are sitting down and have a bucket near by in case of any vomiting.  Also move all heavy furniture and have someone standing by with a spoon to stick in your mouth … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

February 22, 2011By CoachMusings By Mark 1 Comment

Today it’s a classic of the cheesy 80’s variety.  This one was re-popularised by Will Ferrel’s rendition in the movie “Old School”.  Today it’s Kansas with “Dust In The Wind”.  You’re my boy blue!