This song is brilliant on many different levels. I first fell in love with Ryan Adams with Whiskeytown. I’ve got a great story about seeing them live but the story needs to be told in person with beers. So in the Ryan Adams timeline Whiskeytown was first and this song is about 180 degrees from his early Alt-country days. I know this song was co-written with Parker Posey and I can completely see her writing this bit of lyric: Note to self don’t change for anyone/Note to self don’t die

I was thinking about mellowing out the second “Song I Love” but I’m feeling rocky. So I picked this grinder by Ben Harper. He is a “must see live” man. This song is off his second solo cd and the last one before he added “the Innocent criminals”. I think this was his first Gold Record too.

OK I feel like I should have something mellow. An added bonus tonight. One from Ben

and one from Ryan

Thanks for hanging out music lovers.
Enjoy it all.


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