The second of 4 weeks for the 2010 Best of shows. All leading up to a 2 hour final show on Jan 5th from 8pm to 10pm. Tell your friends, neighbors and loved ones. Surely we can get a ton of people listening at 8pm?

Sorry it took so long it’s finally up for your listening pleasure. Oh and thanks to Coach for filling in on Tuesday and Wednesday this week on Facebook for the live comments.

again for the best of shows we are allowing multiple votes. You like a song(s) vote for it (them)


  • One of the things I love best about these shows is the return of known favorites (Very Busy People…..damn I love that song) alongside great songs I let slip through the cracks, like Sleep Forever.

    Thanks for the gift of the best new music, Chris. It is grounding, soothing, familiar when everything else seems absurd, and today it needs to be inspiring enough to get my fat ass to run off a few of the pounds I gained last night. How You Like Me Now ought to help me achieve that goal!

  • Thanks Sully. I appreciate my listeners for a multitude of reasons. One of course is the feedback.

    and yes if “how you like me now?” doesn’t get one going I’m not sure what will.

    Love “Sleep Forever” too.

    “Very Busy People” is so damn funny and catchy. A Deadly combo in a tune.

    Thanks for listening.

    Happy holidays.

    I am sure you’ve noticed already there is quite a bit of crossover with your list.

  • Miami and its warm night. That song always took me there.
    Heading down on new years eve.
    But the Glitter Prize is one of my most played download of this year. It got my vote.
    Very interesting list. Happy New year

  • Love that song. It’s a pure driving song. One that sounds best driving a car. Top down? Heading to the beach? Hell yeah

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