Well it’s official Neil Diamond will be inducted into the rock and roll hall of fame this year. You may remember a few weeks ago I put out a list of Hall Of Fame snubs that should all be in before Neil Diamond. Someone somewhere a long time ago created a myth that Neil Diamond was “America’s best song writer”. This myth is up there with big foot and the Loch Ness monster. Not only is Neil Diamond not the greatest American song writer I venture to say I can name 10 American born song writers better than he is right off the top of my head. His songs are stupid and corny and isn’t he kind of a joke? Also part of this year’s class was Alice Cooper and Tom Waits. Below are 10 American born song writers better than Neil Diamond.

In no particular order here are the first 10 American song writers I can think of that are better than Neil Diamond.

Bob Dylan
Tom Petty
Bruce Springsteen
Billy Joel
Paul Simon
Jimi Hendrix
James Taylor
Johnny Cash
Jackson Browne

These are just ten and there is more.  Anyone else want in on this?  Name the better song writers in the comments.

Seriously?  This guy’s in the hall of fame?


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