Every now and then as you know I like to comment on things that are going on in the world.  We all know my feelings about Susan Boyle and such well today it’s my feelings about the wikileaks documents.  Personally I don’t really see what exactly the big deal is.  So far the only things I’ve heard have been that the Saudis have been playing both sides of the war on terror by funding Al Qaeda and urging us to bomb Iran.  I also heard that Muammar Ghaddafi cheats on his wife with his traveling nurse.  Finding out about the Saudis was a little like finding out that Ricky Martin was gay.  We all already knew and it really wasn’t shocking.  These leaks also say that Ghaddafi is sleeping with his nurse.  Was anyone really expecting a guy who is completely insane in all aspects to be sane when it came to relationships?  I mean honestly just look at the guy.  He looks like one of those guys that sells incense on the street in Manhattan.  Anyone who travels with a tent and wants to sleep in it wherever he goes is probably all there though.  So everyone just rest easy Coach is here to tell you that there’s nothing to worry about. Besides all these memos and stuff are way too long to read.  I doubt anyone is reading all of them anyway.  We know our own congress can’t read that much and neither can these crazy dictators.  If you should ever feel any kind of anxiety just remember that when all of these other countries are busy trying to make nukes we already have them and have used them before.  If they ever do get a hold of the wikileaks guy though they should definitely make him pay.  He’s not a journalist he’s an anti-war anti-american (and no Tobi Keith they aren’t one in the same) jackass.

Dammit how am I going to explain this to the wife.  That’s it I’m putting a jihad on wikileaks. Death to wikileaks!

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