Musical Notes

November 29, 2010By ChrisMusic No Comments

Did you have a nice Gobble Gobble Day? Hopefully it was full of love, laughter, family, friends, beer, football and NEXT music. Man that’s a nice day/weekend. A rock n roll Fantasy EP: Radiohead’s Five Best Overlooked Tracks. What’s missing? What would you include? Today in 2001, George Harrison “The Quiet Beatle” died way too … Read More

Ten Songs

November 29, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark 7 Comments

OK it’s been a while since I’ve song a random list of ten songs from a random made up category do here we go.  Today’s category is ten classic rock songs that are over played.  These are songs that need to stop being played on classic rock stations immediately.  I think we’re all tired of … Read More