Being that most of you probably have half a day tomorrow I want to take a time out and wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving or, as my old college professor used to call it, Thankstaking.  That’s right this Thursday we will be celebrating that very special time in our nation’s history when the white man dominated those pathetic and weak native Americans.  To think they actually helped us in the beginning hahaha suckers.  “Here Indians take these blankets they’ll keep you warm (wink wink)…and by warm we mean deathly ill.”  Hey you can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs.  Unfortunately for the native Americans instead of eggs we broke their will and some body parts.  It’s cool now though they have their casino’s and get to take our money so it’s beginning to balance out.  My advice to any native tribe would be never let the white people off the boats in the first place.  Just start firing arrows at them and acting all crazy to scare them off.  White people are easily scared.  How else do you explain the success of all the “Saw” sequels?  Once they get off the boat they’ll slowly begin stealing your culture and start making it their own.  Just like what happened with Rock and Roll, Hip Hop, and Wayne Brady.  In honor of this year’s Thankstaking I’m posting the video for Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills”.  In all seriousness have a happy and a healthy.

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