A reader recently suggested that I post links to past Friday Shuffles and songs that should be on your iPod. ┬áHere’s some links to past posts about all different stuff you may have missed.

Friday Shuffles

These are in order from the latest (Last Friday) to the first.

Shuffle 13 Shuffle 6

Shuffle 12 Shuffle 5

shuffle 11 Shuffle 4

shuffle 10 Shuffle 3

Shuffle 9 Shuffle 2

Shuffle 8 Shuffle 1

Shuffle 7 I numbered these wrong so here’s another one

And another one

Songs I Think Are Awesome

These are all the songs I’ve elisted as officially awesome so far.

Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man

Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight

The Animals – To Love Somebody

Tina Turner – A Fool In Love

Rolling Stones – Paint It Black

Solomon Burke – Cry To Me

Here’s a couple of random things that some people seemed to enjoy

The Breast list ever

My comments on the Susan Boyle Christmas album

What Phish sounds like to the rest of us

List of unsigned bands

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