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Music Video Of The Day

Today’s music video is someone I’ve had a crush on for the longest time.  Maybe it’s the glasses. I think I have a thing for chicks in thick rimmed glasses is that weird?  Today’s music video is the ever so […]

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Musical Notes

Download 30 Rock’s ‘Werewolf Bar Mitzvah,’ the Remix. What's the best Beatles cover of all time? Thanks Paste Magazine. NON MUSIC It's Friday how about a montage of drunk people in


1 Out Of 5 Of You Is Crazy

Well I saw this article today and apparently it says 20 percent of the population is mentally ill.  I happen to think that the number is way off.

Friday Shuffle

OK let's start this Friday off the only way I know how.  I hope this is becoming a Friday morning tradition for you guys.  Newbies you'll catch on.