Well it turns out Apple made it’s big announcement today and The Beatles have finally hit iTunes.  Now if they can only get AC/DC and Tool Coach would be a happy boy.  Now that The Beatles are on iTunes I figured it would be a great time to fill in the gaps on my iPod and get the Beatles songs I should have but don’t.  I then realized that I actually have most of the hits and some deeper tracks.  So I need suggestions.  What songs should I download?  I’ll list some of my favorite deeper Beatles tracks below that I already have and love but please leave me any suggestions.

My favorite Beatles Deep Tracks

10. Here There and Everywhere

9. I Want You (She’s So Heavy)

8. The Night Before

7. Octopus’ Garden

6. Your Mother Should Know

5. Things We Said Today

4. Rocky Raccoon

3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps

2. Baby You’re A Rich Man

1. Happiness Is A Warm Gun

OK so what am I missing?

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