In last week’s Friday shuffle Guns and Roses “November Rain” came up.  I said that if anyone could tell me how the wife dies in the video they would get some sort of a prize.  Well We have a winner and her name is Brighid.  For years I caould never figure out how the wife dies in the video.  It was something that ate away at me ever since I saw the video as an eleven year old boy.  For years I went through life not knowing.  Because my brain was preoccupied with this video I could only muster up a C average in high school and couldn’t get into a decent college.  I was forced to go to community college and even there couldn’t excel.  I kept doing research and could never find a reason why she freaking dies in that video.  One day a few years ago I finally found the reason for Axl’s hot wife meeting her demise in the “November Rain” video.  Axl’s wife in the video dies from a gun shot wound to the head.  It’s unclear if it’s self inflicted or if Axl shoots her but it is in fact a gun shot to the head.  In order two figure this out you have to understand that November Rain is the second video in a trilogy of Guns and Roses video.  The first video is the video for “Don’t Cry”. In this video during the first scene Axl and his wife are fighting over a gun.  In the November rain video at the 5:35 mark Axl walked by a gun store.  Also when the wife is in the casket half her body is covered with a mirror.  They do this when there is damage to one side of the body giving the illusion of the body being in tact.  The third video in the trilogy is “Estranged”.  Anyway Brighid was not only correct but she seemingly understood all of this at the age of 8 when she first saw the video.  She was 2-3 full years younger than I.  In fact she said she interpreted it as the wife shooting herself and “never thought much of it after that”.  I don’t know Brighid but she seems like a brilliant woman.  Either that or I’m a complete moron as it took a 26 year old Coach 15 years to figure out what an 8 year old Brighid figured out instantly.  If only I had known how she died earlier I could have went to a good school and set up a nice life for myself.  I could have been a contender.  If you are so smart Bighid then answer me this.  Why does everyone freak out in the rain?  And why does that guy jump through the cake?  I mean seriously was that necessary dude?  Those are questions that will never be answered.  Brighid you get a prize.  Comment here and we’ll figure out a way to get you something.  Obviously don’t leave your address or number or anything in the comments.  You’re pretty smart so I probably don’t have to tell you.

Part 1 – Don’t Cry

Part 2 – November Rain

Part 3 – Estranged


  • Actually I think I can magically recover it from the website on my end. I think it takes everyone who leaves a comment’s e-mail. So if you don’t get an e-mail by tomorrow then let me know through the comments.

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