Musical Notes

November 2, 2010By ChrisMusic 4 Comments

Did you vote? Aren’t you glad the ads are done? Why do negative ads work? I can’t bloody stand them.

Man has it been 4 years? Hear a New Song From Amy Winehouse. I am shocked to hear that it …

Music Video Of The Day

November 2, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark 3 Comments

Today’s music video is for a song that can be heard in every single bar every single weekend being covered by every single bad cover band.  I’m sick of it but people do seem to love it for some reason.  …

Bad Song Good Artist – Bush

November 2, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark 2 Comments

It’s time for another edition of Good Artist Bad Song where we prove that even the greatest artists aren’t infallible.  Today we take a look at one of my favorite bands from the 90’s.  I always loved Bush and the …