Musical Notes

October 29, 2010By ChrisMusic 2 Comments

We sing this song every time (EVERY TIME) we make/have this veggie and we have it a lot. Will Ferrell on Letterman doing Celine Dion. Thanks Spin Magazine for the info. MGMT, Black Keys, Metallica & more to release “Black Friday” exclusives. NON MUSIC They’ve already animated the Farve Dong now The Daily Show’s J … Read More

Save the Date Nov 16

October 29, 2010By ChrisConcert Series No Comments

OK so Tuesday November 16th will be the next happy hour. We are changing things up a bit but not too much. There will still be music, music lovers and Q. The venue has changed. We are trying something new. New is good. Hell Next is all about new. So come out and try it. … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

October 29, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

Keeping things scary for Halloween this video always creeped me out.  Maybe it’s the Gothic imagery maybe it’s the insanely freakish looking people or maybe it’s just the Ozzman himself.  Either way it’s freaking creepy so here’s Ozzy with “I Just Want You”

Ten Songs – Halloween

October 29, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

OK everybody it’s time for ten songs the Halloween edition.  Do I really need to explain this?  Let’s just get to it. 10. Warren Zevon – Werewolves Of London – Is he really talking about werewolves in this song or am I just missing the metaphor?  Oh and where is Trader Vicks and who is … Read More

Friday Shuffle

October 29, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

It’s time for the Friday shuffle.  In a weekend that will be full of frightening surprises what better way to kick things off then a nice Friday shuffle.  If you’re new to this the Friday shuffle is when I put my vast iPod on total shuffle and let it fly.  et’s see what comes up … Read More