Musical Notes

October 15, 2010By ChrisMusic No Comments

Remember this NEXT band? Check out this very cool video of Atomic Tom playing nothing but iPhones Watch this drunk guy’s dazzling rendition of ‘Single Ladies’ at the Minnesota State Fair. He falls, makes it rain, angers a mom taping her daughter dance, pisses of the local dj, and the coup de gras–gets arrested. Nothing … Read More

Brett Favre

October 15, 2010By ChrisMusings By Mark 2 Comments

Hey Bro again invading Coach’s Corner. First off Brett congrats on 500 TDs and passing over 70,000 yards. First NFL QB to do either let alone both. Well played young man. OK now that we’ve got that out of the way. The other side but remember he’s just a kid out there having fun. Even … Read More

Songs I Love: The Cult

October 15, 2010By ChrisMusic No Comments

Hello lovers. It’s Friday. It’s “up” music time. It’s show my age time. Enjoy a few classics. So strange to think of “my” music as an oldie now although when I listen to this music I feel like I’m in High School again. Is that a bad thing? Rain. Fire Woman She Sells Sanctuary The … Read More

Friday Shuffle

October 15, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark 3 Comments

OK everyone it’s time for your favorite game.  It’s the craze that’s sweeping America.  It’s time for (say it with me) FRI-DAY-SHUFFLE!!!!!! Cue the music.  For those of you new to this the Friday shuffle is when I put my vast iPod on totally random shuffle and see what the first ten songs are that … Read More