The countdown to Halloween has begun in our house – actually, it started over the summer with my two boys deciding they were going to be Star Wars characters.  Naturally.   We’ve picked up the Anakin Jedi and Jango Fett (who??) costumes this weekend; decorations need to come down from the attic, and I need to shop for Halloween candy.

I’ve already picked up a couple of bags.  It’s not fun having bags of chocolate candy in the house, particularly chocolate peanut butter candy, this far in advance of Halloween.  I mean, really, do I need to torture myself this way??   I, ahem, somewhat conveniently forget every year to buy only candy that I really hate, like black licorice or wax candy.  Yuck!   I am partial to the pb-chocolate combinations (Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups being a favorite) and I love Charleston Chews, which always remind me of Halloween and are the only time all year that I will indulge in one…or two.

What are your favorite, and least favorite, Halloween candies?  Any childhood favorites/memories?   And what happened to Sugar Daddys??   ~Cookie Mama

I am getting a stomach ache just looking at this picture


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