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Vincent Minor, Pianos 9/23/10

Vincent Minor at Pianos NYC

Last night, I was in Manhattan to see Vincent Minor perform at Pianos (thanks, Chris!)  Two weeks ago, Chris played The Trap  off Minor’s self-titled debut album, which released this week.  I liked the piano-driven song and was excited to […]

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Music Video Of The Day

Today's video is The Decemberists with "O Valencia".  Always liked these guys.

Shakira Performs on Letterman

Came across this performance on you tube today.  It's Shakira's performance from last night on Letterman.  I'm not sure if there's anyone who oozes sexy more than Shakira.


Ten Songs – Songs About “Johnny”

In this list of Ten Songs I've decided to come up with Ten Songs about "Johnny".  Johnny is a name often used in songs for some reason.  Here's

Musical Notes

If for some reason you haven't heard this song please do. Remember when you heard a song and it hit you. Hard! This one has

Friday Shuffle

Well it seems like people are starting to really enjoy the iPod shuffle.  By now you know that this is when I put my vast iPod on shuffle