Haven’t done this in a while so here it is. It’s time for another round of when bad music happens to good artists.  We’ve had Jefferson Airplane, and even U2.  This week it’s guitar legend Carlos Santana. Carlos is a legendary guitar player with a unique guitar sound. His music is moving in many ways. That is until he met up with Nickelback and did a song. Actually he did two songs but I’ll only put one of them here.  Of course as soon as Carlos got together with Nickelback their suckiness soon spread to Carlos and they came up with a generic crap song together.  Just like all of Nickelback’s stuff.  Carlos put the guitar down and step away from Nickelback before their suckiness spreads to you permanently.  Good now take a shower and burn those clothes.


  • Not a Nickelback fan…arrogant idiots, but I think their work (if we were blessed enough to just listen vs. see and hear them) is trashed a tad more than they deserve…and that does not mean it’s any good ior that I remotely like it. But Carlo’s work on this song is fine. Nothing to remember, but fine. I wouldn’t criticize him, maybe you just dislike his “friends”. He’s a legend that readily lends his talent to younger artists. Instant recognition for them. Guess he enjoys shaking it up.

  • Yea I guess you bring up a good point it’s really the Nickelback guy I don’t like I guess Carlos is fine on this song. If you like this they actually did another one together that is a little better than this one. Maybe from now on Carlos should just call me and check to see if who he’s working with is good enough.

  • I totally agree with Jefferson Airplane and U2 having people bow to them and putting out…well, not crap…but sort of phoning it in. The more I listen to this song…the more I’m digging it!!!! And I so hate the Nickelback people.

  • No stop Kate! This is having the opposite effect on you. I think you’re being hypnotized by Chad Kroeger’s Jesus like appearance.

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