I’m going to start off by freely admitting that I can’t stand Susan Boyle.  In fact I’ll even say that if you do like Susan Boyle then you are banned from reading this blog leave now your kind isn’t wanted here.  Anyway the latest story is that everyone’s favorite ugly cover artist was all set to sing Lou Reed’s song “Perfect Day” on the show “America’s Got Talent”.  Lou Reed caught wind of it and put a last minute kibosh on the performance.  So Susan Boyle cried, like Susan Boyle does, and hopped the next plane back to England.  The song has actually been covered numerous times before so is Lou Reed a dick?  Yep he is but since it’s Susan Boyle he was being a dick to I’ll let it slide.  You’d think someone as ugly as Susan Boyle would learn to deal with things better and have thicker skin.  It seems that anytime the tiniest thing happens she has a breakdown and starts crying.  I have an idea that could have fixed this whole situation.  SING A DIFFERENT SONG!!! Oh wow what a novel idea.  I mean was this the only song she knows? This also could have been avoided if she had her own songs to sing instead of other people’s songs.  Who does she think she is Michael Bolton? Sorry but this only backs up my point that soon, perhaps not soon enough, Susan Boyle will be back on her couch in England.  The woman’s not a pro sorry.  A pro would have performed anyway because they love being on camera and singing.  Lou Reed’s a dick but I still like him.  I’ve always been a huge fan of his.  I love all of his songs “Sweet Jane”, “Walk On The Wild Side”……did I mention “Sweet Jane”?

Hey Coach I’m free Saturday.

No thanks Susan I’m busy.  Oh wait stop crying I didn’t mean it.


  • Somehow I don’t think she gives a damn what you think about her.
    Reed took the money for her to record his song (song ?) and he’ll certainly accept the royalties from it.
    Why she wanted to sing that piece of trash is the real mystery here, but she sure did make it sound good.

  • well she shouldn’t care what I think about her but it seems she cares too much about what everyone says about her. I don’t think there was money involved she just needed permission to perform it on TV for the show. Good point about the Lou Reed song it does suck.

  • What’s sad here is how easily you buy into all the tabloid trash stories about Susan Boyle’s ‘breakdowns’. Recently Susan sued and won against two who reported an airplane incident. They had to admit it was completely untrue, print a retraction, pay her legal bills and an undisclosed cash settlement.

    Lou Reed is happy enough to have Susan Boyle record his song. It was a mere technicality that permissions for singing it live in the USA hadn’t been pre-arranged. Of course Susan was disappointed, she’d just spent 11 hours on an airplane and had 100 children ready to sing with her! Like the Stones, Lou will make a lot of money thanks to Susan Boyle.

  • I never heard the original plane story but you can’t deny that she’s not all there. Her reaction to losing the talent show shows that. I feel a real professional would have sung on the show anyway instead of crying and running home. After all she came a long way. The stories today do indicate that you’re right Lou says he’s fine with it although that could be a reaction to everyone thinking he’s an asshole. Not sure how much Lou will make on the song being that it stinks regardless of who’s singing it. Thanks for reading CBill.

  • Ah yes every now and then I throw something out there to see if I have anyone else that’s a hard core Howard listener. It was classic Stern when he shouted out to Lou Reed across a room full of people that line. The man is truly a legend.

  • I followed him and I love him on satellite. Sure he has a lot of money now but it’s still the best show. He may be a little more tame because of age and his place in life but when he gets it going there’s no one better.

  • No, you’re right, she’s not all there, but that’s because she suffered brain damage at birth. She’s very smart but can’t control her emotions. She’s been ridiculed all of her life for something she has NO control over.
    She’s going to do strange things from time to time but she’s doing her very best.
    She deserves compassion, not ridicule, she’s suffered enough.

  • Did she really suffer brain damage at birth? Oh man way to make me feel like a piece of crap KathyM. I don’t think I said anything that no one else has said though I mean she knows she’s ugly.

  • As for the talent show, if you followed it, you’d see she got through it better than most would. TV crews from around the world were in front of her house within 36 hours. She went from a sweetheart to being beaten up by the tabs. She has world wide instant fame and the world was watching her.
    NO ONE ever went through what she did. Not ever.
    She had no way to anticipate the reaction she got and the way she handled it can’t be compared to anyone else.
    She simply entered a talent show and her world was turned upside down.

  • Yea I wouldn’t follow that “talent” show if you paid me. Also it was in England so it’d be tough for me. I wouldn’t say she got through it better than most because everyone else was fine. I know it was probably overwhelming but she did sign her self up and she knew she was going to be on TV so let’s not get too crazy. She didn’t simply enter a talent show she wanted to be on TV. If she wanted to enter a talent show the local High School in my town has one every year. I do have some compassion for someone who isn’t mentally right but the degree of which she’s mentally disabled isn’t quite clear. Sorry but I think her music is lame and she either needs some kind of manager to help her handle situations or just stay at home. Thanks for reading Kathy.

  • Coach, you say. . . “Sorry but I think her music is lame . . .”
    She gained fame by singing an unbelievable rendition of a song from Les Mis. Hardly a lame musical with lame songs. I seriously question your taste. You probably don’t like Neil Diamond either.

  • OK, so now you’ve admitted that you know nothing about her being deprived oxygen at birth and know nothing about what she went through during the talent show, yet you write an article about her.
    You say that everyone else did fine, but they didn’t go through what she did.
    You just don’t get it.
    As for being ugly, I’ve never heard her say anything negative about anyone.
    There are all different kinds of ugly.
    Hopefully you’ll never have a disabled child or relative but if you do, you’ll hope for a bit more compassion for them.

  • Well Kathy it seems this whole thing about her being deprived of oxygen is really bothering you. I can tell since you have mentioned it repeatedly. In the piece I wrote I was commenting on the situation between her and Lou reed and how the reaction she had seems the norm for her. I didn’t write a biographical piece on Susan Boyle. Maybe you should it seems like you know a lot about her. In the end you’re right though. I guess we should all feel sorry for her and no one should be allowed to criticize anything she does. If you read the article all I say is that she should have performed a different song, that she cries a lot, and she happens to be physically unattractive. You yourself already said she cries a lot and I don’t think I’m the first one ever to note that Susan Boyle was ugly. You’re right I’m a horrible person. BTW I’m guessing you’re a Susan Boyle fan in which case you shouldn’t have even read after the second line since you are banned from reading this blog.

  • @K.Poww I may not like Susan Boyle but I guess anything that gets you through a rough time is a good thing. So even though you’re a Susan Boyle fan I’ll still allow you to read this blog. Only you though and don’t tell anyone else I did this.

  • Hope you at least saw the videos of Susan Boyle singing at the Papal Mass, Coach – outdoors in the wind in front of 65,000 plus people and an audience of about one billion. The lady sure handled it like a pro. And her new Album ‘The Gift’ went straight to #1 on Amazon.com pre-releases. Her autobiography comes out Oct 12, and you can watch it hitting best seller lists. Methinks she’ll be with us awhile :>)

  • A little leery of the billion person audience you talk about. Also not sure how the wind plays a factor. 65,000 is a good crowd and I’m sure her Christmas album will sell well. But if you think about it it’s really just another album of her singing cover tunes. What happens after Christmas? She doesn’t tour, she doesn’t really do many interviews and she has no original material. Sure she’s got a great voice but for a a long lasting career I think you need more. Hope she proves me wrong and thanks for reading north of the border. Spread the love in Canada.

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