Well it appears as though some woman is not only accusing Lady Gaga of stealing her daughter’s act but her soul as well.  The woman’s daughter committed suicide a few years ago and the mother says Lady Gaga stole her act and possesses her soul.  In other words this lady is a complete whack job.  Probably more so than Lad Gaga.  I’m not sure if Lady Gaga copied this girl or not but does it really matter?  Even if the girl was still alive Lady Gaga is the one who’s the super star.  She took the act and made it something huge.  Gaga’s the one who has that extra something that makes her a super star.  I’m sure if the woman asks nicely Lady Gaga will return her daughters soul I’m sure she’s taking good care of it.

It’s pretty tough making Lady Gaga seem like the normal one but somehow this woman has done it.

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