Week 228

September 8, 2010By ChrisMusic Podcast 17 Comments

Happy New Year if you celebrate. Please remember to vote for your favorite song after listening to the 14 songs this week. The song with the most votes is automatically included in the last Wednesday of the month’s BEST OF show. Enjoy it all. [audio:http://dc237.4shared.com/download/TkciqINE/Next_Week_228_090810.mp3]download favorite Song of NEXT week 228Market Research


September 8, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

OK I’ll set this one up for you.  I just love it on Letterman whenever the announcer Alan Kalter gets involved.  Every now and then they do a skit called Alan Kalter’s Celbrity Interview in which Alan books his own guest to interview.  It’s always the guest Dave had just finished interviewing and Alan throws … Read More

Music Video Of The Day

September 8, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark 1 Comment

Today’s music video comes to us from one hit wonder Eagle Eye Cherry.  FACTOID ALERT: Eagle Eye Cherry is his real name and he is the brother of singer Neneh Cherry.  I always enjoyed this one and I hop you do too.

Ten Songs – Autumn Edition

September 8, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark No Comments

Well everyone school has started and pretty soon the weather will start getting cooler and days shorter.  It’s time to throw away that white Hawaiian shirt with the palm trees.  Although you probably should thrown it away a long time ago.  Here are some songs to usher in the fall.  Remember it’s not time to … Read More

Forgot This One

September 8, 2010By CoachMusings By Mark 1 Comment

I know of a certain new music show host who has a little girl that started Kindergarten.  I guess I should have put this on yesterday’s list but here it is anyway.  The White Stripes “We Are Going To Be Friends”.

Musical Musings

September 8, 2010By ChrisMusic 6 Comments

Part 1 of 4 New KOL and they’re playing soccer. Thoughts? Part 2 of 4 This is quite cool. Remember when MTV played music? No? Well they did. Yet another reason we need to thank the interwebs. Enjoy this one it’s called Shufflerfm. It’s like a mix via musicblogs. Part 3 of 4 I am … Read More