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Mommy, I don't want to eat the lobster!

Foods We Love/Hate

New poll!   I was reading this article about eggplants tonight.  It’s a nice article, by the way, about eggplant, including some tips and recipes.  The writer of the article is a big fan of eggplants but her husband and kids, […]

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Prince can ball and if you don't believe me challenge him. Chappelle's Show True Hollywood Stories - Prince www.comedycentral.com Black

Music Video Of The Day

Today's video is something Magnificent by U2.  I was never a huge U2 fan, I like most of the hits and a few of the deeper tracks, but

A Cure For The Common Ear Worm

Have an annoying song stuck in your head?  I know I've had Katy Perry's California Gurls stuck in my head for weeks and if you clicked that link

Ten Songs for School

Well as I was driving to work today I noticed all the kids begrudgingly walking to the high school near my house for the first day of school.  So