Meiko outside of The Living Room
I am a fan of Meiko. A big fan. It happened many years ago (2007) when I got a cd in the mail from her manager Mike Savage. I opened the mailer and of course the first thing you notice is that Meiko is quite striking and very cute. Never a bad thing. I put the cd in the player and bam…I heard good things. I know this cd is good (PS find it and buy it please) and I heard future growth and potential. I find Mike’s number on the business card that he included with the cd and call him immediately. That doesn’t happen often. It happened with Meiko. It should happen with you. You get to hear the good stuff now but you know that she has so much more to give you.

Did I mention I’m a fan?

I got a Facebook message from Mike saying that Meiko was in town and decided to do a quick, one off solo show. Would I like to come? Hell Yeah. Coach and I drive in to The Living Room to listen to Meiko and her guitar. I’ve seen her before at The Living Room and it’s a good space for her. (See Coach’s review too)

The show was to start at 8 but like a good rock n roll star she started a wee bit late. Good thing too as we as good rock n roll concert goers were a wee bit late. Sometimes life just works out.

So after her set she heads to the front bar to mingle and sell her cd to the crowd. I ask for a few moments of her life for a quick interview. She says yes. Hear my chat with Meiko here.

It ends with a quick picture (see above), good to see you’s and a hug. Any night that starts with live music via Meiko and ends with a hug from Meiko is a good night. It was a very good night.

Now go buy her cd if for no other reason than my selfish want of hearing more Meiko music. Please. Thank you.

Also if you are interested in listening I have a “radio concert” she did for Next in 2007


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